One of the most luxurious residential complexes in Almaty is located in the “gold” district of the city, between the president's residence and Al-Farabi Avenue. 

Zheruyik  from Kazakh means “Land of Promise”.

The name reflects the main idea of ​​the founders: make your home a haven, suitable for each person as much as possible. The aim of construction of a residential complex is satisfying the necessary humanwants, like security, comfort, warmth and beauty.

The complex consists of seven residential blocks, each of which has one entrance. The planning of the apartments is different in all blocks, from 1-room apartments to 4-room apartments.

Lovers of freedom and comfort can choose one of the luxurious penthouses, located on the uppermost floors of the building.

All apartments are equipped with a full range of telecommunications services, high speed Internet, video telephony and digital cable TV, modern central air conditioning and heating system (Fan-Coil Unit, the manufacturer – Carrier Co.).

The spacious three-level underground car parking is available for the residents of Zheruyik YRC.

High-speed convenient elevators (provided by ThyssenKrupp, Germany) will take you from the lowest floor of the underground parking to the door of your apartment.

The first three floors are occupied by the shopping mall, which is unparalleled in Central Asia in terms of architectural concept. For the convenience of your guests and visitors the complex offers a guest parking, guarded around the clock.

Zheruyik YRC  has been built using a number of innovative technologies and advanced building materials. Zheruyik YRC conforms to the norms and safety standards of the Republic of  Kazakhstan, which allows its residents to feel confident.

Operating staff and receptionists are responsible for looking round the clock after your safety and comfort. Our own security staff and continuous video monitoring make sure that strangers can’t get into the residential area.

Zheruyik is your image, your freedom and your importance!

Zheruyik is your mark of distinction! 

Technical specifications of the complex buildings

  1. Constructive solutions – All blocks of the complex are divided by the contraction joints along the entire height. The foundation is made in the form of monolithic slabs,building is for the needs of wireframe house construction with the stiff diagrams.
  2. Grade of concrete - 25-30
  3. Reinforcement - hot rolled reinforcing steel bars (Class I and III, Ø10÷36).
  4. Exterior walls - up to the point 19.900 of the burned loam bricks with thickness380mm, with heat insulation - 100mm,above this point–made of a standard block with heat insulation - 100mm.
  5. Windows - Aluminum Single Hung Windows.
  6. Façade - facing slabs of the size (600 * 600 * 10) made of the artificial stone (Euro-Stone). Entrance columns, pilasters, front cornices are made ​​of the natural white marble. Window frames and eaves are made of the composite panel, Russia. Cladding of the retaining walls, front walls below the point of +13.500 - of polished granite.
  7. There are litter bins in the residential buildings.
  8. Flat roof – there is the atmospheric drain system, and there is also an electric heater for snow melting on the roof.
  9. The complex consists of 27 elevators: 13 are located in the residential part of the complex, 14 elevators and 12 moving staircases are used in the parking and commercial places.
  10. Heating and air conditioning are implemented with the help of fan coil units, provided by Carrier Company, with the connection to four-pipe systems.
  11. Fan coils are cooled down by the Carrier chilling machines, which are installed on the roof.
  12. There is a supply-extract ventilation system in the offices and commercial places. Natural conditioning is provided in residential places.
  13. Car parking is also equipped with theventilation system, which contains the smoke exhaust system.
  14. Power is supplied by two transformer substations, located on spot 5 and spot 6B.
  15. High-level, group and lighting networks are provided by the isolated VVGng.
  16. Automatic fire-alarm system.
  17. Protection of the offices and parkingis provided by the fire sprinkler system.








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